Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How to unwind...

This post is for everyone who has felt a bit stressed lately or felt like they have a lot on their plates. Everyone gets stressed and its a normal thing to feel and very common so these are my favorite ways to unwind. 

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The first one is definitely my go to way to unwind and distress. I love to have a pamper evening (I'll be posting my full pamper evening routine soon). I love having a pamper evening because it really does work for me. I feel that it is very important to spare a couple of hours once or twice a week for yourself. You don't have to buy expensive products, my all time favorite bubble bath is the muscle soak radox bubble bath. You can remove the remnants of your makeup after a long day, put on a face mask and relax in your perfectly temperatured bubble bath. 

This next one wont be for everyone, but I really find it helps me if I am feeling stressed. Socialising with friends really helps me, whether its going out for dinner or having people round to watch your favorite film with a cheeky cocktail or glass of wine. Having chats with your friends not only allows you to get the latest gossip but its scientifically proven that it boosts feelings of well being and decreases feelings of depression. So, that chat with your friends the other day really does help more than you think.

Now this one is definitely a well known way to unwind and distress...exercise. Now, I don't necessarily mean whacking out those dumbbells or getting to the squat rack at the gym. One of my favorite ways of exercising is going for a walk. Just getting some fresh air. Sometimes, on my days off I do enjoy a walk with my grandparents which normally ends in a stop at a coffee shop. It is of course scientifically proven to reduce stress as it produces endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain. These same chemicals are produced in meditation and massage therapy. So, next time you go for a long walk, you might not know how much your helping yourself distress. 

This one is quite similar to the pamper routine, however it doesn't take up as much time out of your evening. When you're stressed you can find it hard to relax before bedtime and unwind. I find it helpful to surround myself in a calming and relaxing environment. The way I do this is to put on some fairy lights and lighting some candles, making sure you blow them out before you go to sleep as we don't want any houses on fire. I'll then get into my pj's and get tucked up in bed. This would be a good time to do something relaxing things such as reading but not looking on social media. I just find this makes it so much easier to relax after a busy day and allows me to get a good amount of sleep, which will help reduce those stress levels even more. 

The last way I like to help with and worries or stresses that I had throughout the day is write them down. You will find that any worries you have are either irrational or they are a lot easier to resolve once they are written down and its easier to think of a resolution. This technique also works amazingly for positive things that happened that day, whether it being that your eyeliner went perfect on your first attempt or you saw the most adorable dog that day. We really do forget to celebrate our own achievements, even though we are so quick to praise others on theirs. It is a great idea to end the day on positive thoughts. It will always help to unwind and help with the worries of not being able to wrap your head around how you will complete all he tasks you have to do.  

There you have it, these are the ways I always like to unwind. Remember you are not alone in the fact that everyone gets stressed, it's just about spending some time to unwind and take care of yourself, which a lot of people forget to do. I would love to hear any other ideas how you to choose to unwind or if any of these ideas help. After all... caring is sharing. 

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