Monday, 14 May 2018

My Sourced box review

I have recently signed up to sourced box as I am following a low FODMAP diet. It is a monthly subscription where you get a box full of healthy snacks delivered to you. Its £18.95 which I did think was quite a lot for a monthly subscription box but that was until it arrived. What I like so much about it is that it is a great way to try out so many different products without too much of an investment. 

My favorites from the box were the protein balls, super food sweet clusters, the flavoured popcorn and the real handful bar. I loved these ones the most as they had the most flavour and I find with some vegan foods they have an odd aftertaste and these didn't. These would all be snacks you can take on the go as well and I liked to have the protein balls after a gym session. I had the popcorn whilst catching on my current obsession on Netflix for the evening and it definitely felt like I was having a treat rather than something better for you. 

I only disliked two products in this months box and that was the chocolate from Kaakao and the get fruity bar. It was my first time trying vegan chocolate and I wasn't to keen on this one but as I'm new to it I will happily keep searching for one I like. The fruity bar wasn't really to my taste but I'm sure someone else would like it more than me. 

Overall I was really impressed with my first Sourced Box and I would rate his one an 8/10. I'm also really intrigued to try the tasty decaf and perfect with dairy free PG tips tea bags as I LOVE tea. I don't have caffeine or dairy so I can't wait to give these a go. I can't wait to receive my next sourced box and see what great things are in there.

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