Saturday, 5 May 2018

New start.

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Do you ever have those ties where you feel like you want to reinvent yourself and start afresh. Lately a lot has happened in my life which has made me want to focus on myself, achieve my goals and be where ive always wanted to be mentally and psyically.

Goal number 1... Blog twice a week 

I want to really focus on blogging this year as at the moment I don't actually do much for me, I don't really have a hobbie at the moment and I would love to do something twice a week for me. Also I have four drawers of makeup and a big box of lush bath bombs that would love to be photographed. I think the idea of doing a blog post twice a week is very achievable and it will be very easy to think up plenty of ideas. I already have plenty, so watch this space. 

Goal number 2... get healthy 

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This is a very common goal for a lot of people but its not just about weight loss for me, I want to look and be healthy again. I will be doing some posts on how I like to eat healthily and some workouts I love to do. Its time though for me to be strong again and my slim and toned... I WILL GE THERE!!

Resolution number 3... start doing yoga

I have always heard that yoga is great for the body and mind and I want both those benefits in my life. I have been watching a couple of you tube videos about it all recently. I have been doing it after my workouts and they have been really helping with any aches and pains. Also, its meant to really help with body posture and things like a bad back. I have really bad posture and I always find I have a bad back after standing on my feet all day for work, I think yoga might be what I need.  

So there you have it these are my goals and I am feeling motivated and dedicated to get where I want to be. Time to be selfish and focus on myself and put myself first.

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