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Top tips for Acne

I'm just going to say I'm not some sort of skin specialist, however I have suffered with acne on and off since I was thirteen making it eight years now. I feel like over the years I've tried many different tips and tricks to get rid of it. I've used the gel and pills prescribed by the doctor but it just made my skin feel so sore. I've also tried the anti- blemish range from Clinique, which did get rid of it when i was fourteen, however since trying it since it just makes my skin so unbearably dry and sensitive. So these are my five top tips for helping get rid of acne. 

1. Changing your diet 

Some people still don't know how important your diet is if you suffer with acne. The first thing is try not to eat processed foods, look at the ingredients on the back of the packaging and try and cut back on refined sugars. Foods nowadays have so many chemicals and you don't want them in your body as not only will you feel better but your skin will look better too. Fill your diet with anti-inflammatory foods such as omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc. Incorporating these kind of foods will help calm down the inflammation that your experiencing with your skin. Lastly, this one doesn't necessarily work for everyone, however I have noticed a massive difference since cutting out dairy. Hormones are given to the cows that produce the milk we drink and this can cause acne or make acne worse. I recommend giving it a go for three weeks to see if it helps like I did and I noticed a massive difference.

2. Skincare

Of course this one had to be mentioned. One thing I have learned with skincare whilst trying to get rid or reduce acne is keep it simple sister. There is no need to have a ten item long skincare routine when it comes to helping with acne, if anything I have found that when I have a mile long list of items to use it makes it worse because it almost overwhelms the skin. Also, if you find something that works don't change it, you need to give a skincare routine 28 days to see the full effects of it working, however don't keep changing your skincare. I find that my skin can be quite sensitive along with the acne and some products can really aggravate my skin.

When you do your skincare routine always make sure to double cleanse when wearing makeup or sunscreen to give a more thorough cleanse. My last tip with skincare is to use a gel type moisturiser as when using a thick heavy moisturiser this can promote the production of oil on the skin and therefore can cause more acne. I also like the way my makeup sits on top of applying a gel based moisturiser as my skin can get oily throughout the day and since using a gel based moisturiser I've noticed a massive difference. I recommend the Energie De Vie liquid care for the day and the Vissionaire Nuit beauty sleep perfecter for the night time.  

3. Clean those makeup brushes.

Okay this might sound like something so obvious to some people but not cleaning your makeup brushes enough can really aggravate your acne. If you don't clean them enough they will be FULL of bacteria... ew! I recommend to wash them once a week the a brush cleaner and then to clean them with surgical spirit after every use. I understand some of you might be thinking err... I do not have time for that dedication. I recommend to clean them in the evenings whilst your catching up on your favourite TV show rather than rush to do them in the mornings. As for washing them once a week it takes 10 minutes and your skin will really thank you for it and also it makes your makeup so much easier to apply when your foundation brush hasn't got the build up of this months double wear foundation on there.

4. Make your face a hand free zone.  

This is something I'm bad for as I have an awful habit of touching my face throughout the day however, this can be awful for acne prone skin. Just think of all the things your hands touch throughout the day, then if you touch your face... hello bacteria invasion. So for this one just try to be more aware of when your hands are going near your face and I also carry around hand sanitiser just because it is a hard habit to break. 

5. Go makeup free if you can.

With this one I completely understand that not everyone can go makeup free 24/7, weather it be that because of the acne your self conscious about your skin or like me you work in the beauty industry and I have to wear makeup five days a week for work. However, going makeup free is so good for your skin to let it breath. I try to go makeup free on my days off and its nice as well not to be worrying that your makeup is sliding off your face. 

(this is a before and after shot of two weeks using all these tips)

There you have it, these are my top tips, like I said these really did work for me and I know how frustrating having acne is but it wont stick around forever. Using these tips made my acne decrease but also made the appearance of my skin not look so red and aggravated. If you do feel self conscious with it and want to start wearing less makeup and getting to that point of wearing no makeup, the way I did is gradually wearing less and less everyday. Also, having that "I don't care" attitude always helps as well. I hope you find these tips work for you as well as they did for me, I would love to hear if they do. 

Love from,

The happy goldfish


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