Saturday, 5 May 2018

What I eat in a day...

I love watching and reading these kind of posts so I thought I would right one myself. I love food, which is probably why I gained a couple of stone. The biggest change for me is having a positive relationship with food which I will do another blog post about because that's too long to fit into this one. Another change is that fat doesn't make you fat, its okay to incorporate healthy fats into your diet. So, lets get into what I eat in a day. 

When I wake up...

I always start off my mornings when I remember or have time with a warm lemon water. This really helps with digestions and it's not just the lemon that helps its the temperature of the water I use half boiling water then top it up with cold water so its the perfect temperature. I like to have it before breakfast because it gets my body ready for some food. It gives me time to wake up as well which is always a bonus. 


Breakfast can be different every morning, however my typical breakfast I have is a smoothie. I think most people think of a smoothie to be full of fruit, whereas mine involves healthy fat proteins and greens, it actually only has one portion of fruit in there. 

In my morning smoothie there is:

- half an avocado
- 1 tsp of cashew butter
- small handful of blueberries
- handful of spinach 
- handful of ice cubes 
- one serving of pea protein powder
- 1 tbsp of chia seeds 
- 1 tsp of maca powder 
- 1 tbsp of cocao powder  
- 300 ml of water 

I like how easy making a smoothie is you basically chuck all the ingredients in and blend, its that simple. As you can see I have included half an avocado and cashew butter for my healthy fats. I also have in there spinach for my greens and blueberries for my portion of fruit. I use the protein powder as I think its so important to have protein in every meal to keep you full. I include the different superfoods for different reasons: 

Chia seeds- they are rich in antioxidants, high in omega 3 fatty acids and high in fiber. 

Maca powder- its rich in antioxidants and nutrients but I use it to help balance out my hormones. Its also great to improve skin and hair condition and so due to having acne since the age of 13 I always like to include this in my smoothies. 

Cocao powder- Its full of antioxidants and high in calcium. Its also great for a mood booster as well which is always a great one in my opinion.

Now like I said I do have this smoothie most morning and I have to say I never get bored of it as it tastes so yummy. 


I normally try and have a huge salad for lunch and especially as its spring now and we are starting to get some nice weather in Britain I'm completely craving big salads. I like to have a course of protein in there so normally that would be something like chicken or tuna, I will then include a source of healthy fats with something like pine nuts or avocado. All of this will be sitting on top of a huge salad involved of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrot and sometimes beetroot. The dressing normally consists of apple cider vinegar, lemon, salt and pepper. 


Dinners can vary everyday but today I had haddock with greens and sweet potato. I normally like to have a big dinner as I would have gotten back from the gym. I use the fish that you cook from frozen because its so much cheaper. I love sweet potato and I find it keeps me full but feeling uncomfortable and bloated like pasta and rice does. 


Snacks can differ every day, however today I had an apple mid morning and after the gym I had an eat natural crunchy nut bar (protein packed with peanuts and chocolate). I like to have something to snack on in the evenings and today I chose some blueberries.

There you have it, there is my first what I eat in a day blog post. I plan on doing these once a month as I love to try so many different recipes and experiment in the kitchen. 

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